New improved design on the payout report

The design of the monthly payout report has been improved, and now includes a clear and understandable overview of all ticket sales revenue and live/BACKEND expenses.

Resource module update – keep track of all your resources on an hourly basis

In the resource module, the overview has now become even better with a brand new UI. The new UI allows you to manage your resources on an hourly basis, which gives you greater flexibility and clarity about when the different resources are booked.

Rethinking of purchase flows and seat maps

We continue to work on improving the new seat map, which will result in a seat map solution that is easy for end users to navigate and super easy for you to manage.

Final Countdown – live/BACKEND Staff App

The beta release of the live/BACKEND Staff App is coming closer, and after invaluable feedback from live/BACKEND users, it has been upgraded in a number of areas. See here what it can and how it will improve your planning of duty rosters in the future.

Look forward to the brand new seat map module!

The brand new seat map module is under construction and will continuously take over many of the old seat map module’s features in a new improved edition. Get more information on focus areas in the first version as well as the overall plan for the new seat map module.

You can now create your own custom webshop – Watch case with Roskilde Festival

Read more about the possibility of creating a separate webshop via live/BACKEND. The solution is based on WooCommerce, and can be tailored to the individual site. Roskilde Festival used this opportunity to sell food and drink vouchers.

Recap of the latest year at live/BACKEND Ticket & Web

Get a quick overview of the development within the past year. Some of the news might have escaped your attention or maybe you have just heard about live/BACKEND Ticket now, which means that most of the blog post is exciting news for you.

Smooth planning with the live/BACKEND Staff App

We are currently working on the live/BACKEND staff app that will make all communication and coordination in connection with the planning of duty rosters easy directly on the mobile.

Highlights from the conference in Copenhagen in March 2019

Did you miss the conference and the unveiling of all the cool new features on the way? Or were you there alongside many of our other curious and committed customers? We’ve gathered the highlights and key announcements here so you can see them when it suits you.

Josh Sorensen,

Ticket v2.4.1: Improvements on the cloakroom and partout system

Improvements on the cloakroom system

Until now the system has only supported sales via SMS in the cloakroom module, which meant that customers had to pay via SMS. It functions really well but can be expensive for you since teleoperators charge fees on SMS-payments. Additionally, it only worked for people holding a Danish sim-card.

We have therefore introduced MobilePay, VISA/Dankort as well as MasterCard as new forms of payments. It only requires that you tick a box to make it work. Since it is running on live/BACKEND Tickets agreements, it doesn’t require any paperwork or running costs. You just receive the payout for the sales through the wardrobe once a month.

Whole new partout-system

Our partout system has been a success but a few things have been changed to accommodate our users’ needs. The biggest challenges we have focused on solving, in our complete rewriting of partout sales, have been:

  • One ticket fee. Previously, each ticket in a partout sale triggered a ticket fee. This has meant that the fees for the end customer had in some cases been up to 1/3 of the ticket price.
  • Discount per event. Earlier, you stated how much discount a user got on each ticket in a partout sale. It was really flexible, but also a complicated calculation that had to be made, which was not made easier if you were a member. In practice, nobody seems to need this flexibility and it has been confusing for many users. It has therefore been removed.
  • Partout ticket or per. event? You can now indicate whether you want to be issued one ticket per event in partout sales or if you just want one partout ticket. The last one is a special ticket that can be given to festivals-goers where the guest shows the ticket once and then e.g. get a bracelet. In both cases, tickets will be created for all events in partout sales, but the end customer can only get the partout ticket.
  • Value of event tickets. Due to these changes the individual tickets are now technically created as free tickets for accounting purposes. Instead, all ticket value is added to the partout ticket, so the numbers go up. However, if the customer makes additional purchases, the value of this will be added on the right event ticket. This is primarily relevant for accounting purposes. The essential thing is that in this way we ensure that everything adds up and the partout ticket value is not just “spread” over all the tickets, but instead is included in this special partout ticket.

Other improvements

  • In POS2’s sales to members, prices were shown as free of charge. This is now corrected, so member prices, and regular prices are shown including all fees.
  • The sales report had for a short period (a total of 4 days) an error which meant that tickets that were outside the selected criteria could had been included which would result in misleading figures.