Complete update on live/BACKEND v20

When large parts of the world shut down back in March 2020, we decided to get the best out of the situation by creating a brand new version of live/BACKEND from scratch. Read the latest update on v20.

Automatic corona-seating

Do you need your guests to be able to seat themselves while the distance requirements are met? Then read this blog post here we unveil our latest improvements in our Place Card System!

We’ve updated our own data policies – now we want to help you update yours!

In this blog post, we would like to highlight a possible GDPR-related issue we see in many of our customers’ ticket modules.

New improved design on the payout report

The design of the monthly payout report has been improved, and now includes a clear and understandable overview of all ticket sales revenue and live/BACKEND expenses.

Rethinking of purchase flows and seat maps

We continue to work on improving the new seat map, which will result in a seat map solution that is easy for end users to navigate and super easy for you to manage.

Look forward to the brand new seat map module!

The brand new seat map module is under construction and will continuously take over many of the old seat map module’s features in a new improved edition. Get more information on focus areas in the first version as well as the overall plan for the new seat map module.

Recap of the latest year at live/BACKEND Ticket & Web

Get a quick overview of the development within the past year. Some of the news might have escaped your attention or maybe you have just heard about live/BACKEND Ticket now, which means that most of the blog post is exciting news for you.