What is a cookie?

Cookies are used on virtually all websites. In some cases, they are cookies that ensure the website functions as intended.

A cookie is a little file that is saved on the computer or device which you use to visit the website. By using cookies, it is possible to recognize your computer and gather information on your visit. Cookies don’t know who you are, though, neither what your name is, where you live or if your computer is used by others than you. Cookies can’t spread virusses or other harmful software. 

Cookies for functionality, marketing and statistics

When you visit our website, we ask you for consent to use cookies for functionality, marketing and statistics. You can change your settings and deselect cookies here on our cookie page. If you reject the pop-up-banner by clicking on the cross, you will reject all cookies except the strictly necessary ones for the page to be displayed correctly. Of course, we will remember your choice, and we remember this with the help of a cookie as well. If you click “accept”, you say yes to all cookies, as described.

How does livebackend.com/.dk collect personal information? Does livebackend.com/.dk automatically collect information and what about other sources? You, as a visitor to the website, enter information yourself when creating a user account.
How does livebackend.com/.dk collect location data? IP address is logged for chat requests and all API calls, but only an IP-based guess at location. Typically, therefore, only the nearest large city and even this appears with quite a great deal of uncertainty.
How does livebackend.com/.dk use your personal information? Your personal information is used to communicate with you.
How does livebackend.com/.dk share and disclose your personal information? Only in connection with providing you with support that you have requested (via our chat program Chatlio and bug reporting tool, Usersnap).
How does livebackend.com/.dk use cookies and similar technology? We use cookies ifm. the member system to remember user login as well as if you select “Remember me” in the purchase flow and thus give consent. Otherwise not.
How does livebackend.com/.dk use your personal information for marketing purposes? livebackend.com/.dk uses:

  • Google Ads Conversion Tracking for Backup Tracking on Campaign Pages.
  • Email marketing

however, livebackend.com/.dk does not itself have access to personal data from the converter. It is important to point out that the above is not used at the personal level and that livebackend.com/.dk can only see anonymized data. We only have access to overall statistics or audiences where the only thing we can see is the size of the audience. livebackend.com/.dk instead uses the tools for profiling and linking traffic with conversions.

In addition, there is email marketing. Here, livebackend.com/.dk processes more personal information, which includes name, email address. livebackend.com/.dk does marketing through Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, email and using remarketing etc.

Links to other websites and services Only in connection with payments (hosted payment window, ie QuickPay and Stripe) as well as links to your own website.

The collection of data at livebackend.com/.dk is anonymous and is only used in connection with optimizing our user experience on the website.

Cookie removal or deletion:

You can always remove and delete cookies on your device. You do this in the browser with which you access the internet. Where you find the cookie removal settings depends on which browser you use. If you delete cookies from your browser, you may find that some features are not working properly and the website will be slower than usual, as the website uses cookies to remember some of your choices.

You can remove cookies from all browsers, either individually or all at once. If you use more than one browser, remember to clear cookies in all your browsers.

Here are links to guides on how to delete cookies in different browsers: